Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Service of the Ural State Pedagogical University

The history of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Service began in 1998, when USPU became the first university in the Sverdlovsk region to start training specialists in service and tourism.

The Faculty pays great attention to establishing and strengthening business relations with representatives of government structures, employers ' associations and professional schools. Represented by the faculty of USPU, it is a member of associations of employers and professional schools of international, Russian and regional levels: the Association of Leading European Schools (EURHODIP), the Russian Hotel Association, the Ural Tourism Association, the Ural Association of Sanatorium and Recreational Business, and has long - term cooperation agreements with 45 enterprises of the tourism and hospitality industry.

The main key to the success of this Faculty is the work of a close-knit team of like-minded people. Thanks to highly qualified teachers and a small, but friendly and responsible team of teaching and support staff, who support a common cause, the faculty is rightfully proud of the good professional training of students, the atmosphere of goodwill, mutual respect and comfort.

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