Panorama of cultures combines four unique educational projects created by ANO (Autonomous noncommercial organization) Teacher’s house, which has been successfully operating in Russia and abroad for 20 years.

Goals and objectives of our projects:

  • spiritual, moral and aesthetic development of the individual based on the study of science and arts of the participating countries;
  • popularization and promotion of science and culture of Slavic countries, as well as countries of Southern, Central and Western Europe, Asia;
  • development of tolerance, mutual understanding and mutual respect in the process of intercultural communication.
  • attracting young people to study, interpret and understand the cultural heritage of different countries within the framework of the program of intellectual and creative interaction of project participants.

If you are a young, talented and ambitious student or teacher who is connected with science or art and wants to expand your horizons, pay attention to our projects.

As part of the Panorama of cultures, we invite you to join the following projects:

  • Arts Dialogue
  • Sciences Dialogue
  • Slavic bridge
  • Russian as a foreign language

Each of the above projects is aimed at self-education and creative communication in the field of science and culture. Participants are offered intellectual tests that popularize the science and art of the Slavic peoples, as well as the countries of Europe and Asia.

An integral part of the panorama of cultures - academic competition of Russian as a foreign language, aimed at increasing the importance of the Russian language as means of international communication, promotion of the values of Russian culture.

Our experts are ready to advise you on any issue:

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