International Education Project
«Arts Dialog»

The project aims at self-education and creative communication in the cultural sector. Participants are offered to do intellectual tests on various types of art of different countries and thematic educational material. Everyone from anywhere in the world can take part in this project. The project contributes to the study and popularization of the cultural heritage of the countries and allows everyone to develop aesthetically and spiritually, using imaginative interpretation of art works.

Project features:

Project features:

  1. All tests are specially developed by researchers of Russian and foreign educational institutions, museums, galleries and philharmonic societies.
  2. Tests contain material on various types of art that correspond to the chosen topic.
  3. Tests and thematic material include a variety of textual and audiovisual content.
  4. Participants can learn and study material on the selected topic online, improving and testing their knowledge constantly.
  5. Every participant is competitive with himself or herself, improving his or her own test results. Only when a participant reaches the test result in the range from 85 to 100 points inclusive,the participant gets access to participate in the Final Stage.
  6. Developing his or her linguistic skills, a participant can choose a test in any of the languages presented, both in his native and foreign languages.
  7. The project is of particular practical importance for schoolchildren and students of specialized educational institutions in the field of art and culture.
Advantages of the project:

Advantages of the project:

  1. Each participant gets the opportunity to become a true connoisseur of art.
  2. Material study and testing are held online.
  3. The number of attempts for a successful test is not limited and doesn’t require extra payment.
  4. According to the test results, the participant has a chance to get a special diploma from the organizers and international partners of the project.

In addition to the diploma, each participant has a chance to get an invitation to international creative meetings of art lovers and a chance to show their creative abilities in the Final stage.